MAGGIE MCENTEE / Owner + Photographer


I've always been focused on capturing the beauty of space, with an emphasis on the details. Whether photographing for realtors, capturing the work of an interior designer or architect, creating beautiful marketing visuals for your business, or supplementing that editorial story - I'd love to help you out. 


I'm Maggie, and I'm the owner and photographer of Light+Space Photography. As a New York native, I received my bachelors degree in visual arts photography and marketing at Fredonia State University of New York. Having worked in the past with commercial photographers, communications and advertising agencies and currently as a marketing guru at a nonprofit with an enthused love of design, I have a breadth of experience and knowledge that carries into my photography. 




With an interest in art, design, interiors and architecture, I knew exactly where my photography niche would lie. My passion is to highlight the pristine details that make your space stand out.   


I moved to Colorado to feed my drive for exploration, activity and the outdoors. You'll see my with my dog in tow, seeking out inspiration in the mountains or at Wash Park.